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Business Insurance

Business Insurance 

During the normal course of businesses, no matter how much we plan and try to prevent it, certain events may unfold that may result in losses, and businesses need to protect themselves from these potentialities. Some of the potential losses include legal liabilities, property damages, and employee-related risks.

Depending on the type of environment a company operates within and risk impact potentials, prudent businesses must determine their insurance needs. It can be helpful to work with an experienced risk analyst if a business owner isn’t confident in their ability to effectively assess business risk and insurance coverage needs.

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Product Liability Insurance

It’s extremely important to have product liability insurance if your business manufactures and sells any products to consumers. Any damage that your product causes to a consumer, whether intentional or accidental, can become a liability in a legal suit against your company.

Vehicle Insurance

Whether your business operates a fleet of service vehicles or just a single delivery truck, any vehicles used for business should be fully insured. At the bare minimum, a company should insure against potential third-party injury, however, we recommend comprehensive policies to insure the vehicle in a potential accident as well.

Business Interruption Insurance

With the latest proliferation of health-related business closure, it has become more apparent than ever the importance of business interruption insurance. This type of insurance compensates businesses for lost income incurred during events that disrupt the normal flow of business and customers. It is also of utmost importance for businesses that require a physical location and depend on customer traffic for their business to succeed.

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