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Vehicle Insurance

What Type of Auto Insurance do I Need?

Based on legal statutes, Car Insurance is not an option for any licensed driver on the roads of America. Just like death and taxes, Car Insurance is a part of life. If you must have insurance, then you should get the best possible with the least amount of stress.

Car Insurance has two parts of its coverage service. The first part of Car Insurance covers the physical vehicle itself. Comprehensive coverage will reimburse any loss sustained from theft, fire, or any other damages that may occur, whereas, Collision coverage pays to repair the losses caused by an auto-collision.

Most institutions that provide leasing options for car owners require that the coverage is purchased to protect their vehicles. The second part of Car Insurance is the liability portion of the coverage. It covers your financial obligations in the event of injury to other people due to an auto accident. Some liability coverage is also required by many states.

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If you’ve been struggling to keep up payment on High-Auto Insurance premiums, we can offer you higher deductibles to reduce those premium rates. Even if you purchase an umbrella insurance policy, you have to carry the required amount of basic liability insurance to ensure you have no gap in coverage in the event of a major accident. Webb Financial Services offers potential clients free comparative Auto Insurance quote from multiple reputable insurance carriers to make sure you get the best deal possible.

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